June 25, 2024

About Us

ETHIO SHEGER NEWS is a leading news organization dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable news coverage from Ethiopia and around the world. With a focus on delivering accurate and timely information, ETHIO SHEGER NEWS aims to keep its audience informed about the latest developments in politics, business, culture, sports, and more. The organization is committed to upholding journalistic integrity and ethical reporting standards while striving to be a trusted source of news for its readers.

Mission and Values

ETHIO SHEGER NEWS is driven by a mission to deliver high-quality journalism that informs, educates, and empowers its audience. The organization values accuracy, objectivity, and fairness in its reporting, aiming to present diverse perspectives on important issues. ETHIO SHEGER NEWS is dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in its coverage while upholding the principles of press freedom and ethical journalism.

Coverage Areas

ETHIO SHEGER NEWS covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, society, culture, technology, health, and international affairs. The organization provides in-depth analysis, breaking news updates, feature stories, and investigative reports to offer a comprehensive view of the events shaping Ethiopia and the global community. Additionally, ETHIO SHEGER NEWS strives to highlight human interest stories that resonate with its audience and shed light on important social issues.

Team of Journalists

The team at ETHIO SHEGER NEWS comprises experienced journalists, reporters, editors, and contributors who are dedicated to delivering accurate and insightful news content. Drawing on their expertise and commitment to journalistic excellence, the team works collaboratively to cover diverse topics and provide in-depth reporting that meets the highest professional standards.

Engagement with Audience

ETHIO SHEGER NEWS values its audience’s feedback and engagement, encouraging open dialogue and constructive discussions on important issues. The organization leverages various platforms to interact with its readers, including social media channels, online forums, and community events. By fostering a strong connection with its audience, ETHIO SHEGER NEWS aims to understand the information needs of its readers and tailor its coverage to meet those needs effectively.


In summary, ETHIO SHEGER NEWS is a reputable news organization committed to delivering accurate, reliable, and comprehensive news coverage from Ethiopia and beyond. With a focus on journalistic integrity, diverse coverage areas, and engagement with its audience, ETHIO SHEGER NEWS strives to be a trusted source of information for individuals seeking in-depth insights into local and global events.