April 10, 2024

A princess who lived in a palace fell in love with a boy who was not supposed to be there.

She devised a plan to bring him into the palace secretly. She had the soldiers provide the boy with clothes, money, and whatever else he needed. They agreed to keep their relationship hidden.

One day, while playing together in the palace gardens, the princess accidentally caused the boy to choke on an apple. Despite his pleas for help, he tragically passed away. The princess was distraught and didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t call for help as the boy’s presence in the palace was forbidden.

When the time came to remove the boy’s body from the castle, the soldier arrived. However, instead of finding a healthy boy as he had brought in, he discovered a lifeless body. The princess promised the soldier anything he wanted in return for helping her dispose of the body. The soldier agreed, took the body, and returned to collect his reward.

The princess asked him, “What can I do for you in return?”

The soldier replied, “I want to sleep with you,” he said, smirking. She was angry and upset with him. “Who do you think you are, that you should sleep with the king’s beautiful daughter? Get out of here now.” She told her father the truth about the soldier, but instead of finding a solution, she chose to flee. The soldier and his companions retrieved her body and brought her back. In that moment of despair, she stood before him, feeling lost. She agreed to lay with the soldier, losing three things at once: her love, her dignity, and her hope. Her boyfriend had died, and she lost her honor by sleeping with a servant. She also lost her virginity to the soldier, out of fear that her marriage would be stopped. She had lost hope in finding a solution before marriage. This man, however, would not leave her alone. He took her body out of the madabara, threatened her, and continued to sleep with her. She was still struggling with the problem and unable to find a solution, so she chose to run away. But one day, she tried a trick: she drugged her father’s drink, causing the king to become intoxicated.

She prepared a drink for him, thinking it would make him drunk. When he was intoxicated, she dragged him and laid him at her father’s bedroom door. When the other soldiers saw his face, they mistook him for the king and had him crucified in front of everyone. This brought the princess temporary joy and relief, but it did not last long. Unexpectedly, as the man was dying on the cross, he kept licking his nose with his tongue, sparking a rumor that the drink was made by the king’s daughter and was very sweet. This news spread far and wide, reaching the ears of another king’s son who sent elders to propose marriage to her. This came as a shock to the princess, as she had already given her virginity to someone else when she was a soldier. Upon hearing that her father had agreed to the marriage, she began to consider ways to avoid telling the truth. She instructed a soldier to find someone who resembled her, promising a reward for their efforts. The soldier soon found a girl who matched the description, and the princess confided in her, saying they would switch places and the girl would become queen while the princess would serve her. In return, the princess would give her the marriage gifts and they would exchange roles for a while. The girl agreed to the plan, and on the appointed day, she married the king’s son, pretending to be the princess. That night, as she entered the bedroom with her new husband, she felt deep sadness over the deception. Even though she was deserving of honor, it was not truly her who had entered that room.

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